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McKinney fire sprinklers save the day – Again!

380news | February 17, 2018 | Home & Garden

McKinney fire sprinklers save the day – Again! A kitchen fire is shut down before major damage or injury occurred McKINNEY, Texas (Feb. 7, 2018) – Units from the McKinney Fire Department (MFD) and its’ investigators were called to an apartment building at 6150 Alma Rd. on Tuesday for a water flow alarm. A kitchen fire had broken out in a second floor unit. Fortunately, the fire had already been extinguished by the apartment’s Fire Sprinkler System. The cause of the fire was determined to be a stove burner that the occupant had left on, which caused a plastic bowl to ignite. “Never l...[read more]

In the Kitchen with MOM

“Mom” Krys Murray | February 7, 2018 | Home & Garden

Easter Brunch Springtime is here in Texas! And that means a visit from our favorite bunny! A Holiday smack dab in the middle of spring is always a busy time, and we all want as much easy in the kitchen that we can get! With all the sugar treats from the Easter Bunny, feeding the family a good healthy breakfast is a must do! Easter Sunday Brunch is one of the best meals of the year! Let’s talk about egg casseroles! Easy, delicious, healthy and oh so easy, make ahead and relax dish! Here is a basic recipe for you: 9 X 13 Pan serves 12 350* for 50-60 minutes, or slow cook overnight in 6 qtr. sl...[read more]

‘Tis the Season to Plant Fruit and Nut Trees in North Central Texas

Kathryn Wells, Communications Director | February 7, 2018 | Home & Garden

January through March is an optimal time to plant new trees and to transplant established ones. Since the trees are in their winter dormancy, the process is less stressful for them, and they can adapt more readily to their new home. While many varieties of fruit and nut trees can be grown in our ecoregion, some of the more successful large-fruit crops include figs, peaches, plums, and pomegranates. Blackberries and grapes are some of the easiest small-fruit crops to grow here. For nut crops, you can’t go wrong with a pecan—our Texas state tree. Mature pecans are quite large; the height can...[read more]

Versatile Coatings, L.L.C.

380news | January 22, 2018 | Home & Garden

Making Ugly Floors Beautiful “A customer of mine had taken out their carpet in the living room and they wanted to stain the concrete. However, after meeting with them it became apparent that the concrete was not in very good shape. There was patched areas where they had broken through the concrete to place piers under the foundation, which caused a lot of cracks to appear in the concrete when then leveled the house. The concrete looked like a jig saw puzzle. So instead of staining the concrete I gave them an even better solution, Metallic Epoxy, which gave me the ability to repair all of the...[read more]

1_Denise Remfert--Dinner For  Two

December 2017 Friends of Hagerman NWR Activities

380news | December 14, 2017 | Home & Garden

Second Saturday The Sex Lives of Frogs Around the World Saturday, December 9, 2017, 10:00am – 11:30am Among frog species, tremendous variation exists in reproduction and development. Dr. Michael Keck, Professor of Biology at Grayson College, will discuss the typical reproductive patterns of frogs from the United States and contrast them with various groups of frogs from other parts of the world, especially the tropics, additionally including, some of the more bizarre examples of frog reproduction and development. Christmas Bird Count Saturday, December 16, 2017, 7:00am – 5:00pm Annual Chri...[read more]

Four Myths That May Leave Your Family Unprotected

380news | December 14, 2017 | Home & Garden

When you’re just starting out, it often seems that a dollar never stretches far enough. And with new commitments, such as buying your first home or having children, comes the responsibility to make sure your loved ones will be provided for financially, no matter what life may bring. If you were to die unexpectedly, life insurance is there to make sure your loved ones can maintain their standard of living, stay in your home, send your kids to the same schools and keep their plans for the future on track. It also gives the grieving spouse or partner time to make decisions, or in some cases fin...[read more]

Dennards Western Wear, It’s a Lifestyle

380news | November 13, 2017 | Home & Garden

Dennards Western Wear and Farm Supply is the leader in all things farm, ranch and western lifestyle. Dennards is a family-owned business that began in Sadler, Texas in 1890 and has been passed down through four generations. Tim Ferguson and his family currently own and operate all three Dennards’ locations. Their values and beliefs in family, community, generosity and hard work have helped them to establish one of the largest western wear and farm supply stores in the country. At a very early age, Tim began to learn the business from his father, Donny Ferguson. Donny was a man of great chara...[read more]

Rock Your Next Backyard Gathering with a Pizza Oven

380news | November 13, 2017 | Home & Garden

If you are looking for an innovative and exciting backyard concept consider an authentic pizza oven. This backyard improvement is a perfect feature to unveil at your next event, party, or even an intimate evening for two and will provide you with enjoyment for years to come. These pizza ovens are not just attractive to look at they are also extremely functional. They are a true wood fired masonry oven, with an authentic, traditional design that offers the taste and unique cooking capabilities you can only get from a wood fired oven. This unique outdoor addition can be found at Aubrey Brick and...[read more]

It’s That Time of Year!

380news | November 13, 2017 | Home & Garden

Let us handle the hard part of the holiday decorating! Call us for a FREE quote on Christmas light installation. *Commercial and Residential *High quality LED C-9 lights *Installation, maintenance & takedown *Lighted wreaths and decorations *Storage options *Free Estimates Call 940-453-4586...[read more]

Bonnie and Clyde’s Blueberry Pie

380news | October 9, 2017 | Home & Garden

In the Kitchen with MOM, Krys Murray I have so much fun every year sponsoring the pie eating contest! The first year was trial and error as I was trying to bake a pie that would be easier to eat with your face in it than a regular pie would be. It had to be easy to swallow, messy, and still taste good! I adapted my regular recipe to accommodate what we needed. It makes my heart giggle when the contestants insist on taking their half-eaten pies home because they want to finish them, and I have even been told, by contestants, “That is the best blueberry pie I have ever eaten!” For those of y...[read more]

City Entered Risk Level 4 of Mosquito Surveillance and Response Plan Denton under Public Health Warning due to Positive West Nile Virus Samples

380news | October 7, 2017 | Home & Garden

DENTON, TX, Oct. 6, 2017 – On Oct. 6, the City of Denton entered Risk Level 4 – Public Health Warning of the Mosquito Surveillance and Response Plan. Risk Level 4 was triggered because a sample of mosquitoes collected on Oct. 3 from a trap located at Denia Park, 1001 Parvin St., tested positive for West Nile virus. This is the second positive sample this season. At Risk Level 4, the City will continue to conduct routine surveys of adult mosquitoes, which will be identified to species level and screened for the presence of viruses. The locations where disease-carrying mosquitoes were captur...[read more]

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