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Family Fit Lifestyle

By Jessica Small | Healthy Lifestyles

DENTON COUNTY, TX-  Family and fitness are two things you can combine to make exercising worthwhile. Creating healthy lifestyle habits are beneficial to you which promotes longevity. Physical activity is important for children and adults of all ages. Being active as a family can be fun and rewarding to everyone. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Choose MyPlate recommends that adults need at least two and a half hours each week of physical activity, and children need 60 minutes a day. There are some helpful tips to keep in…Read More

Urban Agriculture Research at Dallas Center

By Gabe Saldana, Texas A&M AgriLife Communications Specialist | Healthy Lifestyles

Urban Agriculture Research at Dallas Center A living, vertical salad bar in the employee break room is more than just a novelty at the Texas A&M AgriLife Center at Dallas. It is a small, and delicious, sign of the comprehensive urban agriculture research ramping up at the center in 2020. The purple-glowing installation arrived at Dallas with Genhua Niu, Ph.D., and Texas A&M AgriLife Research professor of controlled environment agriculture. Her research team represents one component of an overarching push by Texas A&M AgriLife to realize sustainable production of nutritious…Read More

Increase in Bystander CPR after McKinney sets Guinness World Record

By 380news | Healthy Lifestyles

Increase in bystander CPR after McKinney sets Guinness World Record More people trained and willing to step in and help in a medical crisis McKINNEY, TX – On Nov. 9, 2018 in McKinney ISD Stadium, 12,128 people pledged to learn hands-only CPR, setting a Guinness World Record. The McKinney Fire Department now knows that people are putting that pledge to use. In the year since the record setting event, the use of bystander CPR increased 8 percent in McKinney. That means in 33 percent of cardiac emergencies, a bystander has…Read More

TCAP and DASF Team Up for Free Rabies Vaccines

By Tiffany Ditto | Healthy Lifestyles

TCAP AND DASF TEAM UP TO PROVIDE FREE RABIES VACCINES Free Rabies vaccines for Denton County cats and dogs Jan. 18, 2020 at Lake Dallas Animal Shelter   Lake Dallas, TX The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) and the Denton Animal Support Foundation (DASF) are teaming up to provide free rabies vaccines in Lake Dallas this Saturday, January 18 .   Free rabies vaccines will be provided on a walk-in basis from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. at Lake Dallas Animal Services, 687 N. Lakeview Drive. “Rabies is required…Read More

Students Encouraged to Walk to School on October 2, 2019

By 380news | Education

Students Encouraged to Walk to School on Oct. 2 Schools across the region to participate in annual celebration of active transportation Sept. 26, 2019 (Arlington, Texas) – Students across the Dallas-Fort Worth area are encouraged to forego the bus or the carpool line on October 2 in favor of a more active and fun way of getting to school. For those who can, that means pounding the pavement with their own two feet during National Walk to School Day. More than 75 North Texas schools plan to participate, according to www.walkbiketoschool.org, a resource to help schools and their students organize efforts to celebrate this annual event. In the Fort Worth Independent School District, for example, members of the city council…Read More

The Stretch 4 Life, There’s an App for That

By Lori Walter | Healthy Lifestyles

Lori Walter of Stretch 4 Life Shares info about her App My App is coming soon! The road to getting an App built has been an adventure! Let me share with you some of the pit falls of App building. First let me tell you about my wonderful App that will be hitting an App Store near you in July. The company that has built my App has done a wonderful job! They took my videos of self care active massage stretches and made it come to life. My job is to guide a client into postural alignment through the muscles of your structure. I have used stretches on DVD’s as homework between massage sessions to continue the self repair.…Read More

The 2018 County Health Rankings Released: Denton County Ranks #1 in Texas

By 380news | Healthy Lifestyles

DENTON, COUNTY, TX – The County Health Rankings released the 2018 report, and Denton County ranks first out of Texas counties graded for health outcomes. Health outcomes are primarily determined by length and quality of life within the county. Denton County proudly scores as one of the healthiest counties in the state for multiple health behaviors and health factors. The main goal of County Health Rankings is to raise awareness about the many factors that influence health and how vastly health varies in different communities. According to the 2018 report, Denton County ranks sixth in health factors – made up of healthy behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment. “Community health is a grassroots team effort. Ranking…Read More

Intern Massage Special at Stretch4Life

By 380news | Healthy Lifestyles

One Hour Massage for $30.00 It’s that time of year again when the students at Strtch4Life start their internship. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Clients receive a discounted massage at $30.00 per hour and the students get their necessary hours in to prepare them for their certification. Stretch4Life Massage Clinic and Academy is a certified massage therapy center as well as an accredited academy that provides a licensed massage therapy program. At Stretch4Life they provide outstanding services to their clients as well as excellent education for their students. They are located in a tranquil area just a short drive off Highway 377 at 4208 Rock Hill Road in Aubrey. For more information please contact Lori Walter at 940.591.6491.Read More

Dave Says – Quit job for school?

By 380news | Healthy Lifestyles

  Dear Dave, My wife and I have $72,000 in debt from student loans and a car loan. We’re trying to pay off our debt using the debt snowball system, and we each make about $45,000 a year. She’s a teacher, and she’s planning on going back to school for her master’s degree, but she’s thinking about quitting her job to do this. She’ll be able to make more money with the additional education, and she would only be unemployed for two years. The degree program will cost us $2,000 out of pocket per semester for two years. Does this sound like a good idea? Chris Dear Chris, There’s no reason for your wife to quit her job to make…Read More

Hate Talking About Money with Your Spouse?

By Rachel Cruze | Healthy Lifestyles

Hate Talking About Money with Your Spouse? Here Are 5 Steps to Make It Easier Certain topics are guaranteed to cause friction in marriage. For some, it’s in-laws. For others, it’s work-life balance. Or the kids. Or housework. And then there’s money. When finances are mentioned, do you feel anxious and get that pit in your stomach? If so, you’re not alone. In late 2017, Ramsey Solutions conducted a study of more than 1,000 U.S. adults to learn how married couples communicate and relate about money. The study found that money is the number one…Read More

Bold Pleas, Bold Ideas, A Bold Proposal: Coordinating How Texas Treats Its Mentally Ill in Criminal, Civil Courts

By Jessica M. Arguijo | Healthy Lifestyles

Texas Supreme Court advisory State’s top courts, in historic first step, create a Judicial Commission on Mental Health In a hearing before the two highest Texas courts, onetime juvenile offender Angel Carroll from Williamson County testified about a justice system that did not know how to treat her mental illness – until a court-appointed attorney ad litem trained to recognize mental issues listened and intervened. “While I am a junior at Texas Tech studying communications studies and social work,” she told the Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals,…Read More

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