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First Automotive Dealership in Prosper

By 380news | Business

Toyota and Penske Motor Group Break Ground PROSPER, TX – Penske Motor Group (PMG) is marking its expansion into the Dallas market with a community kickoff event and steel raising ceremony at the site of its newest dealership, Longo Toyota of Prosper – the first automotive dealership in the Town of Prosper. PMG is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its flagship dealership – Longo Toyota – and Longo’s 50th consecutive year as the No. 1 Toyota dealership in the world by opening its first Longo-branded dealership outside of California. Guests…Read More

From the Desk of Hugh Coleman

By 380news | Business

TxDOT originally authorized funding for Highway 380 in the amount of $50 million. Additional funding has been added to the project with the total funding now at $74,587,878.00. Schematic: Designed grade separations at FM 423 and FM 720. AECOM completed revised grade separation design at FM 720 and FM 423 with six lanes going over cross streets. AECOM submitted grade separations for Navo and Teel Parkway. There has been continuing coordination between Frisco and Little Elm on additional grade separations. AECOM received direction from TxDOT in midSeptember to proceed with…Read More

Protect Your Watercraft Investment

By 380news | Business

Watercraft Insurance With More Options Boats and personal watercraft are big investments, but if you love being out on the water, you know they’re worth it. So protect your fun investment with coverage that’s designed with the boat lover in mind. Not with some standard coverage or add-on to your Homeowners insurance. Get the Boat insurance that goes beyond standard. Something that gives you the options you want, all in one package. Boat insurance package: Farmers offers a variety of industry-leading Boat insurance packages, to give you more choices and…Read More

LEISD and Chamber of Commerce Share an Informative Luncheon

By Jim Manning | Business

The Little Elm Independent School District and the Little Elm Chamber of Commerce presented an information program at one of the Chamber’s monthly luncheons. The Education Foundation led by Ed Griffin spoke about their support for the schools and their Mission, to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and maximize innovative opportunities for the LEISD. Dr. Tony Tipton spoke on the opportunities in Career and Technical Education available for students. One example is the development of a welding class for students to prepare for a new career. The Chamber of Commerce President, Jenifer Olvera, reminded all about the upcoming music in the Little Elm Park, which provides live music in the park each Friday in June. Everyone in attendance was invited to…Read More

A Lifetime of Banking: PointBank’s J. Raymond David Sr. Celebrates 50 years in Banking

By 380news | Business

Pilot Point, TX – PointBank CEO J. Raymond David Sr. began his banking career in 1962 as a bookkeeper for First State Bank in Denton. It was clear very early on that David – a college student at the time – wanted to learn every nook and cranny of the industry, and by the time he left 14 years later, he had worked in nearly every department that bank had to offer. Mr. David still is very hands on in what has become nearly a lifetime in banking. He is the enduring face of Denton County’s oldest community bank, and in March marked his 50th anniversary in banking. But as far as David is concerned, that’s not an invitation to…Read More

Charitable Confusion? Tax Tips for Donations

By 380news | Business

If you gave money or goods to a charity, you may be able to claim a deduction on your federal tax return. Here are some important facts about charitable donations: Qualified Charities. Taxpayers must donate to a qualified charity. Gifts to individuals, political organizations or candidates are not deductible. To check the status of a charity, use the IRS Select Check tool. Itemize Deductions. To deduct charitable contributions, taxpayers must file Form 1040 and itemize deductions. File Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, with a federal tax return. Your intent here is to use the charitable, tax, mortgage interest and miscellaneous individual deductions and beat the Standard Deduction the IRS allows, which is $12,600 for married filing jointly and $6,300 for individuals.…Read More

How To Choose Your Executor

By Leigh Hilton, Attorney at Law | Business

Whether your estate is large or small, simple or complex, you want to choose wisely who will handle the affairs of your estate when the time comes to pass it on. Many people think of it as an honor to be chosen, and some think of it as an opportunity to have power. For example, a husband might resent having his wife choose someone other than him if he is used to handling the family finances. Or the wife might resent having a business partner or relative “in charge” if she thinks it ought to be her right. Siblings might feel slighted if another is chosen. Those who have served as executors realize it may be an honor to be…Read More

Krugerville Resident, Bobby Harris Celebrates 35 Years with Acme Brick Company

By 380news | Business

FORT WORTH, TX – Bobby Harris, Exploration Manager for Acme Brick celebrated his 35th year with the company recently. He was hired by Acme in 1982 as a Driller Helper and Laboratory Technician. Within six months Bobby was promoted to Driller and soon after became the Drilling Supervisor. In 1997 he was promoted to Research and Exploration Manager and in 1999 he and his family moved to east Texas to organize and manage a new Regional Mining Team for Acme’s plants in East Texas and Louisiana. In addition, he managed the heavy equipment needs for the company including purchases of new equipment and upkeep of existing equipment. He moved back to the Denton area in 2006 as the Exploration Manager…Read More

Tractor Supply Company Breaks Ground in Cross Roads

By 380news | Business

BRENTWOOD, TN – Tractor Supply Company has begun construction in Cross Roads. Construction on the store, located on the North side of town off of highway 377 began on February 13 and is expected to open in late summer. Tractor Supply will serve as a one-stop shop for the Cross Roads community’s farmers, livestock and pet owners, ranchers, part-time and hobby farmers, gardeners, homeowners, tradesmen and others. The Cross Roads Tractor Supply plans to hire 15 full and part-time employees with firsthand knowledge and expertise in caring for pets, livestock and land. “We’re not just building a store, we’re building a team that understands the needs of the Cross Roads community,” said District Manager Darren Coleman. “At Tractor Supply, we…Read More

Pilot Point’s Texas Tulips Small Business Spotlight

By Amanda Davenport | Business

One of the many joys of living in Texas, is waking up mid-winter to bright and sunny days. When you’re enjoying these warm winter days, come visit us in Pilot Point at Texas Tulips. This tulip field is the first and only tulip field that allows visitors to come and pick out the exact flower they want fresh from the garden. Texas Tulips offer six acres full of tulip varieties. The fields are open February through mid-April seven days a week. The Koeman family Pieter, his wife Petra, sister Cora,…Read More

Denton Black Chamber of Commerce 20th Annual Banquet

By 380news | Business

UNT Gateway Center Denton, TX 5:30 pm – VIP Reception 6:30 pm – General Admission The Denton Black Chamber of Commerce will hold its 20th Annual Banquet on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the UNT Gateway Center.  Our guest speaker this year will be Noted Economist for the US Black Chamber of Commerce, Mr. William Michael Cunningham, and he will speak on the topic “2017 What Can we Expect?” President Trump, the Economy, Foreign Trade, Hot and Emerging Areas for Business Opportunities.” Mr. Cunningham will use his vast array of…Read More

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