Smart, Very Smart -Communication is the Building Block to Exceeding Expectations at Tartan Homes and Remodeling

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OAK POINT, TX– There is something very exciting about building a new home or remodeling an existing one. It is also very energizing to think of doing these things and incorporating smart home technology! Smart homes are not just a trend, they are here to stay.
When building from the ground up or remodeling, it gives the homeowner the opportunity to put their personal stamp on the place they are going to reside. The ability to choose everything from colors, lighting, cabinetry, and floor coverings to the actual footprint and plans of the home. It also gives the client the opportunity to work with their builder to add all of the up-to-date technology to make their home smart. This brilliant addition does not just add all of the conveniences such as ease and accessibility, relaxation and comfort, as well as safety and security, but it also increases resale value. By adding smart locks, lights, wireless speakers, temperature control and security systems, according to the National Association of Realtors, you can command up to an additional five percent more on your resale price. So, on a $300,000.00 home that is as much as $15,000.00 making it well worth the investment.
If you want your project, including your smart project to go smoothly the most important thing is choosing the right contractor or builder. Working with a company that has your best interest in mind, who understands their products, and are able to work within their client’s vision so that they receive what they expect in the final outcome.
Selecting a builder with the expertise to explain the project from start to finish is important. It helps the job stay on budget and finish on time. If you are looking for a builder with the capability of understanding your new build or remodel expectations topped off with excellent customer service reach out to Roy Garrand from Tartan Homes and Remodeling in Oak Point, and schedule an appointment.
Garrand has been in the building business since 1993. He has completed over 400 homes in a wide variety of architectural styles and sizes.
It was when the housing market took a nose dive that he ventured out and started his own business. Even though it was a wearisome time to start up in this industry, he understood during this time that people were willing to remodel instead of move. He built his business model based on how he would like a project to go if he was the client. Communication was crucial, as well as working with subcontractors with high standards and excellent work ethics. It is important that the professionals he works with have superb expertise in their area of specialty and the capacity to communicate effectively with clients.
Garrand has always enjoyed building things and finding solutions to problems. With this being a daily occurrence in his line of work, he is doing what he loves.
“There is always a solution you just need to be persistent and find it. I have set up my organization with the expectation that good communication is key between all parties, subcontractor, vendors, homeowners and myself. In this type of service industry I like my people to be on time and if there is an issue, please make me aware of it,” says Garrand, “Everyone likes to know what’s going on and when things will be done. My goal is to move your project along daily, by knowing the trades lead times and scheduling one right after the other. This helps to avoid down time.”
Business has been on the upswing over the last few years. Delighted clients have been instrumental in the name recognition of Tartan Homes and Remodeling in the 380 Corridor. This is a direct result of the quality of work and craftsmanship they provide.
Remodels and new builds are happily shown off by the homeowners, resulting in exceptional word of mouth advertising.
There is no better satisfaction to Tartan Homes and Remodeling than when the homeowner is thrilled with the end results. The best feeling for Garrand is when a homeowner moves into a new home or a renovated space and say, “This has exceeded all of our expectations!”
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