COVID-19 Relief Fund Created to Help Those Impacted in Denton County

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COVID-19 Relief Fund Created to Help Those Impacted in Denton County

United Way of Denton County creates the COVID-19 Relief Fund (CRF) so neighbors can help neighbors impacted by income or job loss during this unprecedented and evolving situation.


DENTON, TX (Mar 16, 2020)– United Way of Denton County has established the COVID-19 Relief Fund as a resource for the community to donate to support individuals and families in Denton County impacted as a result of COVID-19 activity.

As the Denton County community complies with the social distancing guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local government and health organizations, additional support will be needed to help neighbors experiencing income or job loss due to event/project cancellations or delays, layoffs, school/daycare closures, etc.

“As our team works to implement our own protocols in compliance with CDC guidelines and state/local emergency declarations, we remain committed to serving our community through this dynamic situation,” said Gary Henderson, President & CEO of United Way of Denton County. “This fund gives people who want to help individuals financially impacted by COVID-19 the ability to do so.”

Funds received will be distributed through grants to Denton County nonprofits and/or direct client assistance. In addition, United Way of Denton County is compiling a fluid list of available resources for the community during this crisis (i.e. school meal plans, nonprofit wish lists).

Donate and stay up to date on local resources and needs at




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