Make 380 Safe Town Hall Meeting

Dawn Cobb - February 19, 2020 - Featured - Leave a comment

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Make 380 Safe Town Hall Meeting

DENTON COUNTY, TX- Tina Massey with the Texas Department of Transportation recently discussed plans to widen the existing U.S. 380 to a six-lane divided roadway with grade separations at five locations including FM 423, FM 720, Navo Road, Teel Parkway and Legacy Drive.


Construction costs along the U.S. Corridor are estimated at $159 million with the project fully funded.


Precinct One Commissioner Hugh Coleman worked with TxDOT to expedite the section of U.S. 380 from Loop 288 to U.S. 377 for an earlier let date of May 2020.  The let date to seek a construction contractor for the section from U.S. 377 to the Denton/Collin county line has been scheduled for February 2021.


The update was part of a Make 380 Safe Town Hall meeting at Braswell High School where residents gathered for information about the corridor.


In the first week of February, a signal light at Magnolia and U.S. 380 was reprogrammed to allow a longer period of time for residents to get on to U.S. 380. Massey said TxDOT was reviewing other lights along the corridor to see if timing could improve traffic both on and off the main thoroughfare.


Residents also asked about additional police patrols along U.S. 380. Massey said TxDOT officials have worked with Little Elm police on grants to patrol U.S. 380. Denton County Sheriff’s Office and law enforcement from neighboring communities also have patrolled the area for drunk drivers and other offenders.


A pedestrian crossing and pedestrian markers for students at U.S. 380 and Navo Road are included in the overall expansion of U.S. 380, officials said, adding that most vehicular traffic at that intersection will be on the overhead grade separation.


Officials explained how roads are built or expanded with the county paying part of the cost up front and working on plans to present an “out of the box” project to TxDOT.


“Our advance work on infrastructure projects and providing partial funding is how we work with TxDOT to get our projects to the front of the line,” Commissioner Coleman said. “We work for years before you see construction crews on site. It takes a lot of planning and coordination to make sure your traffic needs are met well into the future.”




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