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Legendary Lowbrows


The Third Place



Years ago, Ray Oldenburg, coined a phrase, third place.  He was a sociologist that acknowledged the importance of informal public gathering places.  In this form of thought, the first place might be your home, and second place might be your workplace.  The crucial social element separate from the first two is the third place.

Lowbrows is that perfect third place, a place to be you and feel comfortable. While you are at Lowbrows, you feel like you are amongst friends.  You can socialize and meet people or set back and take it all in. There is no pressure.  If you stick around long enough you will find that you see people you recognize, people you have gotten to know, and people that you would love to meet.

Today, when you enter Lowbrows, you walk in to an eclectic old building and just know the walls have tales to tell.  Lowbrows resides in a historic building on the square in Pilot Point.  The building came to life in 1893 with a restaurant, Dad Robin’s Place. After that it was occupied by the newspaper and now, the third place, quite literally, Lowbrows. The local town historian, Jay Melugin, keeps up with all the area history and is happy to share his wealth of information with interested individuals.

For over 120 years people have been coming and going through this building leaving joy, scars, chronicles and legends in their paths. Without a doubt, adoration has been found, arguments have been lost, movies have been filmed, and I’m sure the locals will agree, myths, fairy tales and traditions have been born there.

I have met people at Lowbrows for the very first time who turn around and strike up a welcomed conversation.  Some of the stories that have been shared while sitting at the bar are book worthy.  Oh, and the laughs, those deep almost hurting laughs, I have shared plenty of memorable ones there. It never fails that something unexpected happens to top off my visit or give me my own story to share.

There are several things to love about Lowbrows.  They have friendly service, generous pours and a good price point.  People are easy to talk to and the vibe is interesting.  Not only do they serve great drinks, but there is an excellent selection of live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

It wasn’t until the year 2000 that the building was converted into a bar by the late Bob Albrechet.  That was when Lowbrows was created.  Lowbrows and the Old City Jail, built before the 1880’s, nestles in a comfortable little area with outdoor seating.  While setting around the table with friends nursing a cold one you feel transported back to the Wild West. It is picture perfect.

New owner, Donna Stephens, has put her touch on the place.  She beautifully balanced her exquisite aesthetics while allowing the wear and tear that was rightfully earned by the building still shine through.

So, if you are looking for a third place, come in and visit Lowbrows.  Not all third places are created equal and sometimes the third place is the most fun of all!




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