The Stretch 4 Life, There’s an App for That

Lori Walter of Stretch 4 Life Shares info about her App

My App is coming soon! The road to getting an App built has been an adventure! Let me share with you some of the pit falls of App building. First let me tell you about my wonderful App that will be hitting an App Store near you in July. The company that has built my App has done a wonderful job! They took my videos of self care active massage stretches and made it come to life. My job is to guide a client into postural alignment through the muscles of your structure. I have used stretches on DVD’s as homework between massage sessions to continue the self repair. My App will contain a pocket version of tips on Wellness from stretches for Ailments such as headaches to acid reflex and many others as well. The main structural areas of need is postural alignment the difficult negotiations between muscles and our repetitive movements of the day. On the App, you take the foot print test and then the App shows you the stretches to return blood flow back to the whole body. The insider tip is that the App is user friendly. Just a few tips to finding an App developer:

1) Make sure they are using the latest technology

2) They should have a wire frame presentation to show you

3) It should be in keeping with your website or design elements of your business

4) It should be compatible with both iTunes and Android without it costing extra

5) Find an App or two that you like so you have something to show the developer

6) Make sure that you have a timeline of progress from the developer

7) Do not pay the company until they have showed the set up on a Wireframe and worked out the time line with an accompanying budget that you and developer agree upon

8) Get serval referrals from other companies who have used their services

9) Do not fall for the award winning company slogan because that doesn’t mean the company has kept up with current technology

10) As with all things in business you need to feel comfortable with the developer

As always Wellness is my goal for all of you! Thank you for your time, Lori Walter For more information please call Lori at 940.591.6491 or visit



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