Habitat for Humanity Announces Merger: North Collin County and South Collin County Now One Stronger Organization

380news - May 20, 2018 - Metro - Leave a comment

Together Habitat for Humanity of Collin County will serve more families and engage more of the community for housing change.

McKINNEY, TX – North Collin County Habitat for Humanity (NCC Habitat) and Habitat for Humanity of South Collin County (HFH of SCC) announced today they have merged to form one united, stronger organization aimed at providing af fordable housing options to low and moderate income families in Collin County. Together, they will serve Collin County providing New Home Construction and Home Repair services to qualifying families earning below median incomes for our area and retail home improvement services through two ReStores, McKinney and Plano. The combined organization will be able to serve a greater number of families through streamlined staffing, shared resources and a broad reach of awareness and community engagement. “We share a mission, a mindset and a history within Collin County,” said Matt Hilton, President of the Board of Directors for NCC Habitat. “Combining our strengths, awareness and reach in this county will increase the impact we can have for families needing affordable housing solutions.”

The new organization will combine staff, and work will continue in all areas where the separate organizations have been working. Headquarters for the Collin County Habitat for Humanity will be in McKinney. “Integrating these two organizations at this time in the history of Collin County makes sense,” said Greg Stiebling, Treasurer and acting President of the Board of Directors for Habitat of SCC. “With the growth of Collin County, rising housing costs across the area, lack of af fordable land and a growing population, combining to create one Col l in County Habitat will put us in a strategic position to make rea l strides in bringing affordable housing to low and moderate income families.” Combined, Col l in County Habitat for Humanity has completed 207 New Construction Homes, 560 Home Repairs to existing houses, and over 70 homes internationally.

Through those project s we have transformed the lives of over 3,300 individuals in Collin County and Internationally. Habitat Collin County will operate two ReStores in the area, serving the public from their Plano and McKinney stores. Celeste H. Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Habitat for Humanity of Collin County will lead the organization. “We are in a great position to serve more families, bring creative affordable housing options to Collin County, leverage our combined knowledge and community reach to affect change. We hope to build 14 New Construction Homes and repair 44 existing homes, serving 58 families in Collin Count y in our first Fiscal year together.” The combined strength of these organizations will further impact the lives of those struggling to af ford homes and build lives. For more information on Collin County Habitat for Humanity, see our website at www.collincountyhabitat.org or contact Celeste H. Cox at celeste@collincountyhabitat.org or by calling 972-542-5300 x 102.



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