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380news - March 2, 2018 - Metro - Leave a comment

With careful consideration, I am writing in support of Clint Bedsole for Texas State Representative District 106 in the upcoming primary election. After attending debates and discussing the needs and priorities with the various candidates it is my belief that Client is the right person for the job. He supports public education, understands that vouchers are not the solution to failing schools and promises to help solve the current crises in funding school districts. Clint understands the heavy burden of skyrocketing property taxes and realizes that we need appraisal reform not gimmicky proposals to replace property taxes with an increased sales tax. A shift to sales tax would cripple small communities and deny towns such as Providence Village, Pilot Point, Sanger, Krugerville, Oak Point, Little Elm, Providence Village and Aubrey, the ability to provide municipal services such as fire and police protection and road maintenance. We need a strong independent voice in Austin. We need someone who will support our local communities.

Please vote for Bedsole.

Regards, Hugh Coleman Denton County Commissioner Precinct One



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