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Saving you money, time and providing you with the best value

It wasn’t too many years ago that in every strip mall and shopping center you could find your local travel agent. Rooms adorned with posters and friendly people sitting behind a computer waiting to book your flight, cruise or family vacation. Even a trip to Dillard’s could entice you to stop in and book a trip to Cancun. Today, everyone has the ability for self-service online bookings. So, where did the great travel agents go?

Today travel agents are still around, mostly working from home, or for the major travel agencies. Travel agents have become more like your personal shopper, or a concierge.

Your personal travel agent is the one that you trust to find you the best trip, best price, and provide outstanding value. Making your family vacation a dream trip. Your local travel agent is the one that saves you hours of times searching for that best deal. If you are looking for a cruise or an all Inclusive trip, there is the high probability that you will end up talking to a contracted travel agent, or a representative of the company. Travel agents will simply get the best price, know the special deals available and often can get deals that are not available online or to the general public.

As a business owner, I am amazed at the amount of people that are all spending countless hours of their family time, searching for that perfect deal or vacation. With a few simple questions, your local travel agent can give you that perfect deal. Once you turn over basic information such destination, budget, number of people traveling and any special needs you may have; you can then enjoy time with your family as your professional works for you.

Travel agents are here to save you time and your sanity. It only makes sense to let a professional do the research. You can trust that they are looking out for your best interests. You can keep in mind one simple truth: If they do not earn your business with the hours they work, they do not get paid. Today’s travel agents are here and simply are your personal shopper. Now more than ever is the time to let a professional shop for your perfect dream vacation.

Article provided by Ron and Tina Chapman, Chaparral Travel Adventures LLC, for more information please contact them at 940-343-5563.



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