Living Word Host Watoto Choir to a Luncheon

Jim Manning - February 7, 2018 - Spiritual - Leave a comment

LITTLE ELM, TX – This charming and talented group of children with their chaperones came to Living Word Baptist Church prior to their evening performance. Most of the children ranged from ages seven to 12, and some were older. Growing up in Uganda in villages with a Christian base, they had come from broken and war torn areas outside the communities. Many were of them were left abandoned. Each home they end up in has a “Mother” to tend to eight children, who sees to their education and needs and assures their education.

There are about 3000 protected children now getting care, food, and an education. The choirs are formed from the many talents available and some get to visit different countries including the United States. The groups always have a leader, who assures things flow harmoniously for the groups. Solomon led the choir in Little Elm. He was a young man himself, who had grown up in their system. All of the choir and counselors have very pleasant demeanors, despite their hardships. They are engaging when interacting with others and have sincere manners. It was a joy to interact with this fun loving group. You could also see the deep bond they had with each other.



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