Lizzy Gator Custom Creations


Elizabeth Jones and Chris Duncan embrace a special kind of magic. They can visualize something beautiful and interesting and make it so. Sad, tired and twisted items that most of us would discard become things of whimsy, magic and curiosity by the time these two refabricate them. The first time I visited their studio, Elizabeth, affectionately known as LizzyGator, walked me around. She shared with me her vision of creating a larger studio with a storefront looking like a Steampunk inspired old-west town. I nodded and smiled. While I completely believed everything she told me would happen. I just didn’t grasp the magnitude. Less than a year later, I am walking through her studio area again in awe.

Before my eyes the vision Jones described to me now existed, almost verbatim. Jones and Duncan had created this inspiring atelier by doing the majority of the work themselves and by using recycled and reclaimed materials. They have the uncanny ability of looking at almost anything and seeing the art within it, begging to be released; and release it, they do! Jones and Duncan specialize in original art pieces, home remodeling and interior design, as well as custom furnishings and elegant sculptures. Their works of art are created from naturally worn woods, distressed lumber, sheets of tormented metal and anything else that catches their imaginative eyes. LizzyGator Custom Creations has a philosophy that a unique character is pulled from the deep history of the raw and often organic objects the final work of art originated from, making it impossible to generate their style from newly made supplies.

Once you experience their particular style, you understand why you cannot find the same type of exquisite treasures at a typical retail store. Jones and Duncan originally started as eco-friendly landscapers. Their landscaping utilizes resilient and native plants in order to preserve water, yet maintains a robust and colorful environment. Over time, their art became more and more visible, often showing up in their landscaping as Kinetic Art or water features. Their gardens and artwork grew along with their inventiveness. The final touches are being put on their art studio, which will be open to the public this spring. Currently, Jones and Duncan are reaching out to other area artists with whom to synergize. They will have creative space available and an interactive market with the community. One of the things I cannot wait to see is Jones’ unique twist on the flower bed!

LizzyGator Custom Creations is located at 12222 Massey Road in Pilot Point, Texas. You can view their artwork and the progress of their studio on their Facebook page. For more information please contact LizzyGator Custom Designs at 940.391.2260.



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