Deepen the Respect and Connectivity to Your Horse

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Our 380 Corridor community is full of horse enthusiasts and I imagine there are many who would enjoy a deeper connectivity and relationship with their horses. The method I am learning, the Carolyn Resnick Method, increases my horses’ respect and acceptance of my leadership in a cooperative and powerful way. The multiple training clinics that I have recently attended with Carolyn Resnick are undoubtedly the foundation of all equestrian pursuits. Carolyn first coined the phrase, “Liberty Horsemanship” and her methods specifically use the natural language of horse herds. Carolyn studied the dynamics of wild horses for over a year before she began to develop her program.

The herds have a distinct code of conduct with a strong sense of community as well as a keen awareness that is essential to their survival.
Carolyn’s teaching methods are built on natural bonding rituals that are instinctive to horses. Horses train each other how to fit in socially within the herd and how to keep a position of respect. This is Carolyn’s secret that she has been passing on worldwide for over 45 years. Her method shows horse owners how to approach the training of a horse in a way that is compatible with their natural instincts. This method forms the foundation for all performance disciplines or just trail riding.

My family recently trained in a clinic with Carolyn’s Waterhole Rituals and it totally transitioned our horse world and thinking to new heights. By understanding and connecting to our horses’ true nature and personality, we were amazed at their response. The result was a more willing and intimate partnership. Our interactions with our horses have shifted to a whole new level with completely different techniques and cues the horses love.
It has been liberating! I will be hosting a local, Carolyn Resnick Method clinic this spring at my property in Oak Point.

If this interests you, please contact me at The number of participants will be limited.

This photo of my husband Bob Johnson with a large gelding named Cliff clearly demonstrates that the Carolyn Resnick method deeply benefits the horse and human relationship.




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