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Making Ugly Floors Beautiful

“A customer of mine had taken out their carpet in the living room and they wanted to stain the concrete. However, after meeting with them it became apparent that the concrete was not in very good shape. There was patched areas where they had broken through the concrete to place piers under the foundation, which caused a lot of cracks to appear in the concrete when then leveled the house. The concrete looked like a jig saw puzzle. So instead of staining the concrete I gave them an even better solution, Metallic Epoxy, which gave me the ability to repair all of the cracks, divots, holes, etc. in the concrete and then cover it all up,“ says Jon Vilhauer. The customer could not be happier with the finished results; she was looking for flooring that was easier to keep clean and looked great. Her overall result was everything she was looking for plus incredibly durable and truly one of a kind!

The process is as follows (typical installs take four days to allow for dry time of each coat): 1) Grinding the concrete to put a proper profile on the concrete for the coating to stick to. 2) Application of a penetrating sealer which will seal up the concrete and stop any moisture vapor from coming through the concrete and causing bubbles in the finish. 3) Application of base coat which is usually black. 4) Application of the “money coat” of metallic epoxy in customer’s choice of colors. 5) Application of clear top coat in either satin or gloss. Another benefit is this flooring does not have all of the health issues that comes along with carpet. This is really great if you or any of your family members suffer from allergies.

“Metallic Epoxy gives you unlimited color combinations and what I think is a much better finished look than stained concrete. By combining the metallic pigments with a clear epoxy you will get a floor that looks like it is moving as you walk across it,” says Vilhauer, “The metallic pigments also deflect light in many directions which creates depth only possible with this type of coating.” For more information on Metallic Epoxy Flooring and to see the color options visit Versatile Coating website at You can also view the application process on his YouTube channel under Versatile Coatings.


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