Little Elm’s Sprinkler System Watering Seasonal Schedule

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Once-a-week watering matches trash collection day 

LITTLE ELM, TX For many, the annual holiday season officially ends on New Year’s Day, a reminder brought on by cooler temperatures. That chilly reminder should also send a signal that changes also apply to watering our lawns with automatic sprinklers, says Andrew Figueroa, Utilities Superintendent. “On November 1, we entered the Seasonal Watering schedule,” he said. “Watering with automatic sprinkler systems enters the once-a-week restriction until March 31 of next year.” To simplify the schedule, Town officials have designated each neighborhood’s allowable watering day to coincide with their trash and recycling collection day. Lawns and landscapes enter a dormant stage during this general time period, requiring far less watering that in warmer months.

This hibernation period will often turn lawns from green to brown, but that does not mean the grass has died. To maintain a healthy lawn during this period does not require constant watering, but other steps can be taken. While water is still essential, a once a week soaking is more than adequate, and when fall and winter rains or snow occur, no additional water is generally necessary. The Town’s water conservation policy also prohibits over-seeding and the planting of cool season grasses. For landscape beds, the addition of two to four inches of a quality, nutrient-rich mulch product or compost is often enough to keep the soil moist without additional watering. The nutrients in the mulch or compost also get the soil ready for spring plantings. “Automatic timers should be turned off,” said Figueroa. “If any watering is necessary, homeowners should use the manual on/off feature on their systems.” Officials also encourage the use of weather-based irrigation tools such as or by regularly visiting



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