Sex Offender Registration Deputy

380news - December 14, 2017 - Metro - Leave a comment

DENTON COUNTY, TX – Denton County Sheriff’s Office would like to announce the creation of a new Sex Offender Registration Deputy position. This position will be responsible for registering sex offenders, as well as the tracking and validation of the current registered sex offenders. This deputy will act as a liaison between the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and the Sex Offender Registration Program which is run by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Deputy will work with the other agencies within Denton County to insure the offenders are in full compliance with the law.

The deputy will also be responsible for filing the appropriate charges when an offender is found to not be in compliance with the law. In the past Sex Offender Registration was handled by the DCSO Criminal Investigation Division, the majority of the duties falling upon the administrative assistants. The Denton County Sheriff’s Office believes Sex Offender Registration is too important not to have a full time Deputy responsible for these duties. “I’m very pleased to now have a Deputy who’s only job will be to register, track, and hold accountable registered sex offenders. This position enhances our ability to protect our most vulnerable citizens, our kids,” said Sheriff Tracy Murphree.



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