Town sets fall Clean and Green event for October 14 First 300 participants get free tree to celebrate Arbor Day

380news - October 12, 2017 - Little Elm - Leave a comment

LITTLE ELM (October 5, 2017) Little Elm’s Public Works Department hosts another Clean and Green event on Saturday, Oct. 14, the second of the year’s biannual recycle day for collection of household hazardous waste, electronics, tires, textiles, refrigerators, freezers, and document shredding drive. Event co-sponsors include CoServ and Keep Little Elm Beautiful (KLEB), and is presented in cooperation with CWD. “Normally, the fall Clean and Green event happens on the third Saturday of October, the day Little Elm traditionally celebrates Arbor Day,” says Kevin Mattingly, Public Works Director. “But this year, Arbor Day falls on the second Saturday of the month. Nevertheless, to commemorate Arbor Day, the first 300 participants in the Clean and Green event will receive a free tree to plant in their yards at home, courtesy of KLEB and CoServ.” In Texas, fall is the optimal time to plant trees because the ground is still warm enough to allow roots to grow and expand. And, cooler temperatures mean less stress on the tree, increasing its chances of long-term survival. Fall plantings also allow the tree time to prepare for next summer’s heat. As customary, the Public Works Service Center driveway and parking lot will be configured in a loop with drivethrough lanes that allow participants to drive directly to the station that accepts the type of trash or recycling they drop off. The event is set to start at 8 a.m. and continue until noon. There is no charge for the service, but only Little Elm residents will be allowed to participate. Organizations which have committed to the Adopt-a-Street program are expected to schedule a clean-up on or before Oct. 14 and bring the trash and recyclables to the event. The Public Works Service Center, 1600 Mark Tree Lane, will allow vehicles to enter and exit on Mark Tree Lane and travel through the facility driveway stopping at the appropriate drop-off points for: clothing or textiles; tire recycling; electronic waste; document shredding; and household hazardous waste disposal. The Town will underwrite the cost of removing Freon from appliances like refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. Arbor Day trees will be distributed as participants complete the loop and leave back through Mark Tree Lane. The free Arbor Day trees are only provided to those who participate in the Clean and Green event. “Because we’ll have the drive-through configured into these categories, residents should place their items in the same order before leaving home. That gives us the ability to keep traffic moving in an orderly fashion,” added Mattingly. If residents have items in one or two categories, they can move directly to those drop-off points, without stopping unnecessarily. For example, if a resident has documents to shred and recycle and some unused fertilizer, they can drive to the document shredding and recycling drop-off and then drive directly to the hazardous household waste drop-off, bypassing the other drop-off points. “We’ll have people available to help, but residents should keep the safety of our personnel in mind. Items should not be heavier than can be easily handled by two people,” he said. Proof of Little Elm residency will be required of all participants. A driver’s license, utility bill or other document showing a valid Little Elm address will be requested.


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