Special Olympics a Rewarding Day for All

Jim Manning - June 10, 2017 - Sports - Leave a comment

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At the beginning, of the Little Elm Special Olympics, the torch carriers are ready to go along the entrance route and carrying the torch down the streets. They are escorted by the Little Elm Police. As the athletes enter the stadium, they are greeted and reinforced by the lines of volunteers. After the lighting of the big flame, the events begin. Participants from nine different School Districts participated this year. After each event the winning athletes were presented their medals.

The Town of Little Elm’s employees provide eager volunteers from all of the departments to assist in making the Special Olympics in Little Elm a memorable annual event. Many local businesses support this event and also provide volunteers. Some of the helpers have been assisting with this program for over a decade. Each athlete has a student buddy that offers assistance and support for them throughout the day. The athletes that compete are the stars of the day, but it is a very rewarding for all involved!


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