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At The Village at Prosper Trail

PROSPER, TX – After being tasked with devastating and unforeseen costs last year that wiped out the HOA budget, the Village at Prosper Trail residents had a choice this spring when it came to work that needed to be done to the creek that runs through the neighborhood… they could complain and wait for someone else, like the HOA management company to try and solve it, or they could come together and clean up the creek on their own. The choice was easy and almost 30 families signed up to help “Clean Up the Creek” on Saturday, April, 22nd. Some provided muscle and sweat while others provided materials and moral support. “Once we started talking to our neighbors and partners like Waste Solutions, it took no time to organize and get people rallied around the opportunity to make our neighborhood creek look nice. I am not surprised that we were able to make this happen as I have seen this neighborhood rally around its people and needs since the first house was built” said Christina Clarke, resident of the Village at Prosper Trail and co-coordinator of the project.

“With so many hands it took less than three hours to completely fill a 30 yard trash bin that was generously provided by Waste Solutions to support this unique situation.” With the project of this magnitude, planning was critical. The creek project was segmented into five distinct areas and area “captains” (Carl Ernst, Andy Scates, Tim Singleton, Bill Potts and Kerry Burton) stepped up to lead the sections, allowing the work to execute smooth and seamlessly. The neighbors, or “villagers” as they like to call themselves, worked together to remove construction materials, dead tree limbs that had fallen, a telephone pole, and even a damaged rail road tie that would collect debris as the water flowed in during recent heavy rains. This work was inspired by High School Senior and resident, Madi Potts and her father, Bill Potts who were fed up seeing trash in the creek area and spent an afternoon cleaning it up.

“Often you hear people talk about it being the HOA’s responsibility, but in the end… we are the HOA, so it is up to us to make it happen” said resident and clean up project coordinator Gary Price. After the clean up was complete, the neighbors came together again for a neighborhood crawfish boil and cookout that evening to celebrate their success and enjoy each other’s company. The Village at Prosper Trail is a 160+ home residential area located at the corner of Coleman and Prosper Trail in Prosper, Texas. Waste Solutions, formerly Progressive Waste, is a locally operated out of McKinney, Texas.


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