Miracles Can Still Happen

380news - April 7, 2017 - Metro - Leave a comment

I love avocados—in all my meals; on my eggs at breakfast, my salads at lunch and my tortilla soup at supper. But my fav is guacamole and chips… all the time. Often times we go through life just enjoying the good things of life without knowing where they all began—in this case—the avocado. More specifically—the Hass Avocado. When you go to the grocery store to purchase your avocado’s— pick them up and carefully squeeze each one to make sure they are “just right,” more than likely, they are a Hass avocado. One of the best kept secrets in the agricultural industry is the story of where the Hass Avocado came from. This is important because the Hass Avocado holds 80% of the worlds avocado industry. At the turn of the last century, avocado farmers were experimenting, trying to find that perfect avocado that would taste great and produce more—but to no avail.

But history was about to change. In 1926, postal worker, Rudolph Hass, of La Habra Heights, purchased 3 seedlings from avocado farmer, A. R. Rideout of Whitter, CA. Two of the seedlings didn’t make it but the third began to grow. As the tree began to produce fruit—the avocados looked different from other avocados— the skin was bumpy and darker than any other avocado. Hass’s children loved the strange new avocado so much he began to take them to work and sell the extras to his co-workers at the post office. Before too long, Hass had his avocados in the big markets in Pasadena, CA. They became so popular that in 1935, Hass patented the fruit after his own name–Hass. And rest is history.

The unusual part of this story (the Miracle) is that no one knows where the seedling of this avocado came from. When the avocado farmers had tried everything they could to make that perfect avocado and failed—that’s when the miracle happened—God gave them the avocado that would change the avocado industry forever. Friends—that’s the way it is in our everyday lives. We strive for happiness and purpose but don’t do a very good job of it. Our lives remain without purpose and we don’t know what to do. It’s at that time, when we “let go” of all of our striving, that God steps in and does the needed miracles we have always longed for. That’s what Easter is all about—Miracles. Because of the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, you can experience miracles for your life. I want to encourage you today to let go of all your worries and let God have your life. You might be surprised that miracles can still happen—and they can happen to you.

Pastor Dwayne’s Guacamole Recipe: In a bowl—Two ripe Hass avocados; one tomato; chopped onions to your liking; your favorite salsa; salt and pepper/or seasoned salt; a “touch” of mayonnaise; no lemon or lime please; mix in bowl to your liking-chunky or smooth. Your best corn chips—eat and enjoy—take some to Pastor Dwayne. *Join Gracepoint Nazarene Church for Easter services, April 16th; Sunrise on the Square7:30am; Easter Celebration at the church-10am; more info, gracepointnaz.net; 760-518-6732. Dwayne Edwards—Pastor of GracePoint Nazarene Church in Pilot Point, TX.


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