Measured By Character

380news - February 13, 2017 - Spiritual - Leave a comment

“In a moment, in a split second, your whole life can change.” Our family knows this well because on the morning of Good Friday, April 6th 2012, like sand that falls through the open fingers of your hand, there is an appointed time for each and every one of us. For Ryan Blakely White, my son at the mere age of 18 just weeks away from graduating at Aubrey High School, his time was 10:13 that morning. On FM 428 in Aubrey, TX. is where Ryan took his final breath. Shattered and broken into pieces with a pain I cannot explain, I found myself pouring my heart and grief out through tears and words on paper. As each shattered piece came to life on the pages of my notebook over the next nine months, often while at his accident site, I began to realize the broken pieces were life.

I knew, that I knew, the words were a message for Public Schools. A match was struck with what would become “Measured By Character”, a message of Hope, Life, and Identity. The Bullet Points of this pain to purpose message include ‘Legacy’, ‘Uniqueness’, ‘Accountability’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘Change In Direction’, and ‘Man In The Mirror’. Since the beginning, April 6th 2014 our initial launch date, 51 schools and over 60,000 students have heard this message of hope. As I sit here writing this, I have a much clearer understanding how real the pain is for these students. Unfortunately, we have an ever-growing crises on our hands throughout our youth that include issues with low self-worth, bullying, and suicide. These are but a few of the issues rapidly reaching epidemic levels, and it’s for these reasons we reach out to as many schools as we possibly can, sharing this life changing message of hope.

Each and every single life is making an enormous impact on the world around them. The MBC message focuses on personal legacy, bullying, self-worth, uniqueness, suicide, accountability, responsibility, kindness, and most importantly love. It’s a powerful reminder, to us all, that it’s not the years you get, but the life you live in those years. We can’t provide this much needed service without you! The school’s doors have already opened and MBC is now asking you to lock arms with us. Will you walk through the doors with us, helping to ignite the light in these very special hearts, with your support and financial contribution? From every board member, supporter, and volunteer at Measured By Character, we say thank you for your gift of time in reading this…and we love you!



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