Aubrey ISD Students Participate In Entrepreneurship Activity

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AUBREY, TX – Aubrey High School Business Information Management (BIM) students are learning about Entrepreneurship during the month of October through an innovative new activity. In teams of three students, they will develop a comprehensive business plan and present to their peers, faculty, parents, and community members. Through effective entrepreneurship education, people can access the skills and knowledge needed to start and grow a business. However, research has shown that entrepreneurship education does not just contribute to new business starts.

Communities who embrace entrepreneurship education also find that students perform better in school and that a school’s overall performance also improves. According to Thomas Montgomery, the developer of this activity and BIM teacher at Aubrey ISD, “Entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare youth to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and who contribute to economic development and sustainable communities.”

Montgomery explains that the core knowledge created via entrepreneurship education includes:

  • The ability to recognize opportunities in one’s life.
  • The ability to pursue such opportunities by generating new ideas and marshaling needed resources.
  • The ability to create and operate a new venture.
  • The ability to think in a creative and critical manner.

The students will be using the Microsoft Office products that they’ve been studying, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, to create the business plan and associated resources. Dr. Shannon Saylor, Principal of Aubrey High School, applauds the incorporation of practical uses of the technology and is closely observing this exercise to determine if it should evolve into a stand-alone class and/or an extracurricular group that could compete against other schools in the region. Dr. Saylor commented, “Engaging youth remains a significant challenge for educators.

Entrepreneurship education is one tool that can help educators reach out to kids who lack interest in traditional learning models or approaches. Entrepreneurship Education provides activities that build relationships, provide relevance for learning, and encourage rigor in the effort to develop academic skills to be competitive.” Based upon research, she is right as it has been shown that young people do better in school when they are interested or engaged in key subjects.

Furthermore, over 70% of American high school students have interest in owning their own business.



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