Aubrey ISD Key Club Announces 2015-2016 Campaign

380news - October 5, 2015 - Aubrey - Leave a comment

Aubrey, TX – The Aubrey High School Key Club recently announced it campaign priorities for the 2015-2016 academic year: Community Service, Civic Involvement, and College Preparation. Community Service refers to the Club’s commitment to help those less fortunate and to assist in creating a better Aubrey.

On a monthly basis, Club members will be volunteering their time with a goal of 50 volunteer hours per year. “We have a lot of service-oriented students who are looking for ways to get involved, to make a difference,” said Dr. Shannon Saylor, Principal of Aubrey High School. “If there are needs out there, we want to know about them, so we invite people in the school and the community to get in touch with us to see how we might help.” Civic Involvement includes the Club members becoming familiar with key organizations and institutions in the community.

For example, they’ll attend a City Council Meeting and a School Board Meeting. College Preparation will address the need of two subpopulations of students. First, those who are clearly college bound so they have additional support and guidance in applying for college and securing available grants and scholarships. Second, students who are not currently focused on attending college will be encouraged and supported to do so.

As part of this process, the Club members will tour colleges to learn firsthand what their next step in education will be like. The Club is entering its first full academic year after receiving its charter on February 12, 2015. At formation and carrying through this school year, officers include Gabrielle Turner, President, Ashleigh Berry, Vice-President, Brooke De Leon, Secretary, and Elizabeth Meza, Treasurer. At its first meeting of the current school year, several committees were formed to plan, organize, and oversee implementation of monthly meetings, projects, and initiatives.

To get in touch with the Aubrey High Key Club, please call Thomas Montgomery, Faculty Advisor, at 940-6683967 or e-mail



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