The Rogue Locusts

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The term “mis-fits” has never been more appropriate than when hearing and seeing this alternative rock band. Let’s take the lead with a little more about Blake Wharton. He is the lead vocal and more than just your typical man from Pilot Point, TX. With a head of hair that makes women and men jealous alike, Blake has been tearing up the Monster Energy AMA Supercross circuit since 2009.

Carrying over that same enthusiasm for entertaining the crowd and being a positive Christian influence in the industry, Blake has been writing original music the last few years and is ready to be heard. Blake formed The Rogue Locusts with the simple mission of making music that is, and not what is supposed to be. He has added, guitar player Benji Neuman.

Benji is the 16 year old child prodigy of this band. He attends school at ischool High, Flower Mound and has been playing lead guitar for the band 2FarNorth. Chad Barker plays rhythm guitar and is also a back-up vocal. Chad is a music teacher specializing with vocals. Lastly, and loudly is our recently featured drummer, Logan Slay. Logan is endorsed by Risen Drums and has joined Blake Wharton and The Rogue Locusts. This band is recording at Luminous Sound in Dallas. Reverbnation currently has the The Rogue Locusts ranked, the number one alternative band in the Dallas area.



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