Meet Paul and Tammy Moore – The New Pioneers

380news - February 1, 2014 - Metro - Leave a comment

Paul Moore and his wife Tammy were born in Oregon. Like many Texans, they have relocated from their state of birth to enjoy the many blessings that all Texans realize.

Paul served as a United States Marine for six years followed by a lengthy career in law enforcement as both a Deputy Sheriff and a State Trooper. After many years as a police officer, Paul accepted a position as a General Manager with Brink’s Home Security. After two years as a General Manager, Paul was offered a position as a National Sales Trainer with Brink’s. This position brought Paul and family to Texas. After several years in Texas, Paul left Brink’s to pursue his dream of business ownership.

“Tammy and I jumped at the opportunity to relocate to Texas. When we flew to Texas to look for a home we fell in love with the Sanger area. The people were very personable and property was very affordable. Tammy being a horse person, loved the horse culture in North Texas. I was very impressed with the conservative Christian and strong family values of the people that we met.,” said Paul.

Paul and Tammy are not unlike many people who have moved to Texas to make this amazing State their home. These “New Pioneers” add much to the value and culture of our state.

Paul and Tammy are the owners of one of the largest motorcycle safety training schools in Texas. Tammy is an artist and an avid horseman. Paul has served his community as an elected Precinct Chairman with the Denton County Republican Party, as well as the President of the North Denton County Republican Club. Paul and Tammy have lived in the Bolivar area since July of 2008.

To these “New Pioneers” who have left their homes to relocate to Texas we say WELCOME!



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